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Preparing for Serendipity .. .

With my job, I travel frequently throughout Northern BC. This regional travel is often punctuated by additional trips to Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and into the western United States. Recently, I’ve been puzzled by exchanges with business people here in the North and what I see as their clumsy approach to marketing. You see, I believe that if you are attending a conference and representing your company that you are, by default,  in the business development […]

Frazzled by home prices in Vancouver and Toronto? Remote cities want you

By the Globe and Mail Vancouver was showing its best self on a sunny afternoon earlier this summer, even on the bus. The No. 9 was making its way along Broadway through pricey Kitsilano, a neighbourhood of $1.5-million and $2-million-plus homes (make that, -plus -plus). Everyone looked contented on the bus, with that Vancouver vibe, but overhead there was an ad bidding everyone to move up to equally contented and far cheaper Prince George. The […]

Prince George Business Changes a Neighbourhood ..

Logo Play Grounds Cafe

Located at 1790 Quinn Street, Prince George’s Play Grounds Cafe is located in a part of the city that has changed little since it’s rapid industrial expansion in the 1960’s. For the most part, the buildings are grey, unimaginative and boxy cement block structures that once housed mechanical repair shops, industrial suppliers and freight depots. Some still remain, like Bater Electric and are as much a part of Prince George as the trees that surround it. […]

Business Image on the Road

What is your image like on the road? Yesterday I had the opportunity to see how a certain business presented itself driving near Prince George. This company provides steel in Prince George as well as throughout Western Canada. Here is their projected image I am just south of Prince George on the highway 97 going about 110km/hr where out of no where this pick up truck passes me going at least 140 km/hr. I see […]

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