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Viewpoints | Northern BC Business

Overnight Wealth Created By “Going Public”

There are probably only two legal ways to become instantly wealthy overnight—winning the lottery or taking a company public. While both rarely occur, the latter is a predictable and underutilized strategy by entrepreneurs and is attainable by even small or unprofitable businesses. Take Snapchat for example. It recently went public despite being unprofitable and still […]

Health and Wellness in the North

Achieve It All Fitness and Wellness with Anita Kashmark will be a new columnist for Northern BC Business. Achieve It All provides personal training sessions for all ages- individual, small group, family and teams. Life coaching also available for health and wellness https://www.facebook.com/Achievelcpt/?ref=br_rs&pnref=lhc

Workplace Violence in Canadian Organizations

Dr. Nicole Cvenkel, President and CEO, My Work & Well-Being Consulting Inc. Research investigating employees’ experiences of workplace violence in diverse occupations have shown the dangers at work in some Canadian workplaces (CareerBuilder Canada, 2014; Chechak & Csiernik, 2014). Researchers have also shown that health care, hospitality, and social service workers experience the highest rates […]

Ringing Out Stress

Eager for stress relief after a very challenging week both personally and professionally, I considered my Friday night plans. I pondered the healthy option of going to the gym but the thought of joining friends at a local pub seemed far more attractive. First though, I had to work my volunteer shift ringing the bell. […]

The Weather Network

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