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Overnight Wealth Created By “Going Public”

There are probably only two legal ways to become instantly wealthy overnight—winning the lottery or taking a company public. While both rarely occur, the latter is a predictable and underutilized strategy by entrepreneurs and is attainable by even small or unprofitable businesses. Take Snapchat for example. It recently went public despite being unprofitable and still […]

Press Release: New Regional Effort Aims to Establish Cascadia Innovation Corridor

Seattle and Vancouver, the two cities at the heart of the new initiative, share a number of complementary strengths. These include a high quality of life, diverse communities, skilled and well-educated workforces, and strong economic and social ties to Asia. And yet, according to a new Boston Consulting Group (BCG) study released at the conference, […]

Enbridge Pipeline News Update

The Enbridge Pipeline debate is still ranging on with a number of new developments and insights for Northern British Columbia. This $5.5 billion 1,172 km pipeline from Edmonton, Alberta to Kitimat, BC is slated to start in 2016. With the price of raw materials in the mining sector increasing and the price of oil at […]

Leases vs. Bank Loans

When considering leasing as a financing option, decision makers must first determine if future profits depend on (a) owning the equipment or (b) using the equipment. For instance, owning an asset might be preferred financing option for items that appreciate in value. Real Estate is the best example that comes to mind.

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