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Stewart | Northern BC Business
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Natural Resources Development in Northern British Columbia

Here in Northern BC the next 6 months will be busy with numerous projects in the natural resource sector. In the short term there are a number of events that will help set the pace forward for the next 10-20 years of business development. Cambridge House First up is the Cambridge House Vancouver Investment Resource Show January 22-23 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. This show is slowly bouncing back with companies looking for investors for […]

Local Internet WISP in Stewart to shut down

Onewayout.net in Stewart announcement they are closing as of November 30, 2015. Our Mission:  To Provide Affordable, Wireless Internet Service to the residents of Stewart, B.C. By using the community internet service provided by Onewayout.net Society you are agreeing to all of the  “Terms and Conditions” listed throughout this site Onewayout.net has made the decision to discontinue internet service on or before November 30, 2015. It is not our intention to stand in the way of progress. […]

Vaughn Palmer: Rush for LNG spoils is a bit premature

Despite heady talk from B.C. Liberals, there is still no fiscal pie to get a piece of By Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun VICTORIA — The press release out of Northwest B.C. this week announced a bid for a piece of the action from the provincial government drive to develop the regional economy in general, a liquefied natural gas industry in particular. “Northwest B.C. local governments form alliance to negotiate revenue share worth billions,” said the […]

BC Port Development

The Ports of British Columbia have attracted attention lately with the exporting of raw materials overseas. The concern about Ridley Island having a 40% of all capacity taken up by US firms that are moving coal from the US Midwest to Prince Rupert has been  raised by many people. With Ridley being a Federal Government crown corporation maybe the Province of British Columbia should look at the development of 2 other northern ports. The Ports […]

The Weather Network

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