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Business Profile: On Reel Video, Prince George BC CANADA | Northern BC Business
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Business Profile: On Reel Video, Prince George BC CANADA

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Company Name: On Reel Video

Website: www.onreelvideo.com

Email: corrine@onreelvideo.com

Company Principle(s): Corrine Kilpatrick and Stephan St. Laurent

Briefly describe what you do

On-Reel Video is a fully mobile video production company in Prince George, providing video production services. We provide services for traditional video but most of our work is utilized as online streaming video for the internet.

How did you start?

On-Reel Video started out in the basement of the home of Corrine Kirkpatrick. The first year consisted with going through the Community Futures Entrepreneurial Program, with focusing on biographies, funerals, corporate and small video productions.

Describe the early years of your business

We took on any client regardless of cost in order to build up our resume of work and clients. We hung on and did anything possible to keep the business running because we knew it had potential and was going to succeed based on watching and reading online trends happening elsewhere in the world. We observed the global demand and knew it was going to be in demand. We took in international students here for education in order to be able to continue with the Video Production Business. Corrine’s husband had been involved with television advertising back in Ontario and had analog equipment which was sold to help finance and update the business. Corrine cashed in her RRSP’s and sold her camper, which allowed the business to continue.

How did you get to where you are today (what did you do before this, what route did you take, how long did it take)

We struggled over 4 years taking any work and projects in order to build up a reputation in the Northern British Columbia and Alberta. While working we met other people involved in the industry and we proceeded to explore the idea of teaming up with like minded entrepreneurial people. At this time Corrine partnered with Stephen St. Laurent in order to increase the talents and direction of the company. At this time other part time contractors were needed to expand the business. Once other people in the industry saw what we were producing there was immediate interest in qualified personnel. Now we have a great pool of talent to work with along with our 6 person company.

What are you doing that is unique and innovative?

We operate in a global community and we are constantly aware what is happening in other areas of streaming video throughout the world. We are very flexible and mobile and can operate at a moments notice anywhere. We also see the need for accelerated training in education and realize streaming video is a way to reach the consumer affordably. We see the change of media to the web using streaming video as well as text as a way to take concepts and ideas to transfer information instantly in a more efficient way to the people.

Our most unique project to date has been

We are currently working on a project called videonexus. This project involves a web directory for businesses that have produced videos as a way of reaching out to customers. We are currently working on this national project for all of Canada. This project will allow businesses to promote themselves through 1 minute video clips.

What makes you different from other competitors?

We have no similar based companies in the area and we operate debt free. We are able to work directly with the customer in order to produce what they want including working within the budget of the customer. Since we are small and innovative we can produce immediately and have a quick turn around time for the customer. We are also updating our technology through cameras, software and computers and are constantly searching for ways to bring the product to market faster for our customer. The quicker we can turn around our project the better deals we can give our customers.

What has been the most unique customer?

A Netherlands TV Station had a reality TV Show on finding absent fathers from WWII. We were contracted by them to interview some people in BC who had some connection to the father of the children from WWII. We still continue to work with them on other issues that will pertain to Canada-Netherlands relationships. They found us through the internet and researched our background of what we had done in the past.

How important is technology for your business?

Again very important to instantly take news, concepts and ideas and transfer information into the minds of people all over the world. We are always updated and changing technology in order to produce the best product and at the best price. We are always updating our technology with the latest and most realistic software that works best for us. We are now making sure that our products will have mobile phone technology so that customers will be able to have the ability to have their product viewed through the IPhone or Blackberry.

Where is your most remote customer and how did you get them

We had a TV station in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia) that utilized us for interest in the Highway of Tears. The TV station was shooting a documentary based on Women’s Rights throughout the world with the local focus for this area being the problems with the highway for First Nations Women.

Describe the challenges you have had financially?

We have made sure that we never did borrow money. We never bought anything until we could afford to pay for it. We made sure that projects covered all our basic expenses and any new money was put right back into the company to make us better and bigger. Many times the principals never took home a salary but they made sure that employees and contractors got paid for their work. Working from home was a great way to start as we could make sure that costs were kept to a minimum.

How do you market yourself?

We are part of the Chamber here in Prince George. We also try to work with non-profit organizations with reduced fees or free work. We are also working with a number of other professionals that we are associated with and make sure our networking system is in place. Our biggest asset in making sure we do great work for our customers who in turn will pass our name around to others. We also present ideas and concepts to potential customers that will allow them to think about the possibilities. We try to be proactive in giving people ideas of what we can do. We make sure that we have our website up-to-date, and all our content is fresh and relevant.

What was your best mistake?

Our best mistake was deleting a video before we were done with it. We had to recapture the work and realized the project that we thought was complete was not very good at all. Taking a second look at the project made us re-think our process. We know make sure that each project is reviewed by everyone associated with us.

Twitter, Facebook or My Space and which is better for business?

Facebook allows us to establish brand identification and provides an informal connection with past and potential clients

Do you Skype?

Yes we do but it is not our favourite. We prefer MSN

Craiglist of Kijiji?

Craiglist is the winners – hands down

Favourite website for business ideas

www.nytimes.com, www.bbc.co.uk, www.guardian.co.uk/technology

Best time wasting website?

www.facebook.com, www.youtube.com, www.funnyordie.com

What is your future?

We are expanding into foreign markets and continue to develop with the video industry for streaming for the mobile phone market.

Northern British Columbia remains largely overlooked by entrepreneurs and investors alike. At northernbcbusiness.com, our goal is to expand our network and yours and expose Northern BC which for our purposes starts at Quesnel, a community of 10,000 people located 115 kms south of Prince George.

One of the vehicles we’ve adopted to promote business and entrepreneurship is the business profile. The profiles are published in Q&A format, completed via email, edited by us for readability and you get to approve the final draft. There’s no charge for the profile and as an extra bonus we’ll provide you with a .pdf version of the business profile for you to use as you please.

If you know of a business or an entrepreneur that you think should be featured here, let us know. Or maybe that person is you. Either way, let’s start working together!

– Northern BC Business

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